Monday, April 25, 2011

When I visited Marie Antoinette's beach villa.

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday I had lunch in a palace. I felt like I was inside Marie Antoinette’s beach villa.

With the gold leafed furniture, heavy colourful curtains, abundant floral arrangements, large framed aristocratic paintings and glorious landscaped garden nothing has been spared to keep the grand estate in top form, with all original items.

If you had to guess where you were in the world, when staring out over the sea, it would be a huge surprise to find out that you were in fact in Muzienberg at the Casa Labia. The former residence of Italian count and countess Natale Labia.

When I walked in I started thinking straight away of all the people who would so appreciate this beautiful place. A great place to take Mom’s for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner.

To top it off the food was superb, all Italian cuisine. I finished my meal with a flourless, Italian chocolate cake which is made purely from 70% Belgium dark chocolate, sugar and eggs and when I say sensational I mean it with every chocolate infused part of my body.

Where we sat to have our after meal cappuccinos.

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