Sunday, October 30, 2011

The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood traumas.

Girls only schools can be a mean place to be. My brief experience of a girls only primary school I would say, is likely to be my most harrowing childhood experience. Many would say that I’m likely that I got away so lightly ,in terms of traumatic childhood experiences. I like the way that guys are so much simpler than girls, when there’s an issues it’s sorted out with a punch or two and then resolved and forgotten, with young girls it’s another story. Oh, yes I have overcome the small -made- big dramas from my long ago primary school days, mainly because I’m now close friends with those who made life difficult. Funny how life works out. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only bad things happen quickly - naat

I would agree that bad food can be cooked quickly such as fast food but Jamie Oliver would probably disagree with me as his 5 minute meals are likely to be out of this world. A quick decision under pressure can lead to a hugely positive result but then again there can lead to complete disasters. The quick decision I made to drive all the way to Plettenberg Bay this weekend resulted in an amazing weekend so not all bad things happen quickly.

The Beacon for the weekend!

A last minute timeshare offer at the Beacon Isle lead to a spontaneous decision to pack my bags and head off I went to Plettenberg Bay.  What a fabulous time so far, we arrived to a gorgeous sea facing room and superb weather. Today I have literally spent the whole day on a deck chair, reading my book and ordering drinks with a dip in the sea every now and then.  I could get use to a week of this once a year as most timesharers get to enjoy. 

Last minute plans so often are where one has the best time!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aid

I can think of opposite times when this statement applies, when I have been bold and when I have been too fearful to be bold. The times in my life which stand out as being life changing experiences have been when I have put on my ‘bold hat’. My ‘bold hat’ I’m sure will need to come out of my closet on a regularly basis soon, as I begin my career and need to make bold decisions and be confident in my abilities. My bold decision to change schools half way through Grade 11. lead to a whole lot of positive changes in my life and friendships which have changed so many aspects in my life. 

The Walk

I wonder and I walk, clearing the pebbles, walking between the boulders in attempt to see the view. I can see the tops of the sunrays but the hills block my sight, I walk on as I’m almost there.

The wind blows my hair in my face as it tries to block my view, the glorious green jungle tugs at my angles pulling me back.

How can this be the right path? I’m sure I saw the sign pointing this way.

The challenging steep climb is seemingly endless but then I see it, I see what I’ve been longing for..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First glimpse of summer...

Gotta love the first glimpse of summer, white winter kissed body an all! 

Yesterday I had my first beach bum session for the summer at the gorgeous Llandudno beach. The beach was packed people were sandwiched between the sea and the reeds, everyone with the same ideas as me enjoying the October rays. 

This summer will have a bit of a exciting twist as it'll be shared between a South African and Thailand summer. To good times!

The (My) Last Lecture

I could refer to Andy Pausch’s Last Lecture speech for this blog post, which I do think is phenomenally insightful but I’m going to go wild and talk about my upcoming ‘lasts’.

I use to say that I need at least one thing to look forward to whether it be a beach holiday, end of term party or getting a new hair ‘do’.  I was so looking forward to finishing high school and leaping into creating a life for myself as a university student. It feels like within a blink of an eye I wrote my last matric exam and sang the school song for the last time. I have very fond memories of high school it really was the ‘shizz’ so I kind of regret trying to wish the days along.

So now that that’s a crazy 5 years behind me and I’m heading towards my last lecture at CPUT and all those ‘lasts’  at school are coming to mind.  With the present work load it’s hard not want to hurry up the time but seeing my Tech ladies almost every day is something that’ll undoubtedly miss so I’m not counting down the ‘lasts’ just yet. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Watch this SpAce

In a matter of weeks I’ll be in a new phase of my life. Studying my PR Btech will be over and stressful assignments and presentations will be a thing of the past. The next thing on the menu will be the job search, applications and interviews. Hopefully not too many before I find what makes me tick! So many life lessons are ahead which I find quite scary. My fellow pupils and I all come from the same institution which has equipped us with a certain set of skills but how we use them and where we go will, most likely, be completely different. I will be fascinated to see where everyone is 10 years from now. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Groupon, MyCityDeal, Big Daddy Deals and You Deal addict

I'd say it was safe to say that I'm a Groupon, MyCityDeal, Big Daddy Deals and You Deal addict. I've been able to do very non student budget friendly things because of their enormously reduced vouchers. I find it quite a delight to check my Blackberry while I'm still waking up and see what treats are on offer from these various discount platforms.  So far I have enjoyed dinners at larny restaurants, my hair coloured and done at top hair salons (a few times), amazing presents for friends, not having to put off having a car service,  spa treatments to name a few.  Thank goodness I have to ask to borrow my parents credit cards otherwise this could be a danger zone for me, I'm a sucker for a good deal!