Sunday, October 9, 2011

The (My) Last Lecture

I could refer to Andy Pausch’s Last Lecture speech for this blog post, which I do think is phenomenally insightful but I’m going to go wild and talk about my upcoming ‘lasts’.

I use to say that I need at least one thing to look forward to whether it be a beach holiday, end of term party or getting a new hair ‘do’.  I was so looking forward to finishing high school and leaping into creating a life for myself as a university student. It feels like within a blink of an eye I wrote my last matric exam and sang the school song for the last time. I have very fond memories of high school it really was the ‘shizz’ so I kind of regret trying to wish the days along.

So now that that’s a crazy 5 years behind me and I’m heading towards my last lecture at CPUT and all those ‘lasts’  at school are coming to mind.  With the present work load it’s hard not want to hurry up the time but seeing my Tech ladies almost every day is something that’ll undoubtedly miss so I’m not counting down the ‘lasts’ just yet. 

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  1. Aaawh! I'm gonna miss seeing everyone daily as well. It's kind of nice to be in an environment where were all aiming for the same finish line & encouraging each other along the way.