Monday, March 28, 2011

The dive of a lifetime

Something to save for but totally worth it is tandem skydiving!

Last Saturday was the day that 7 of my friends and I headed up the West Coast to do something crazy, skydiving from 10 000 feet. The rickety and duck taped interior plane took us up to the the correct altitude which took a bumpy 25 minutes at this point I was a mixture of nervousness and nausea. 

My tandem guide spoke into my air over the racket of the plane as we reached 9000 feet and told me what I needed to do when the door opened, head back, arms in front and legs under the plane. Before I knew it we had hit 10 000 feet the door was opened and I was schooched forward and was hit from the side by the wind, trying to keep balance I sat on the edge of the plane as my guide leaned into me and I fell forward for a thrilling 35 second free fall. The land below was a brown quilt of colours as I headed straight for the ground with a few twists and turns. I got a tap on my shoulder which meant that the parachute was going to go up and we were whipped upwards and then there was silence and the most enchanting view of sea and land. My guide let me steer us for a while, I was keen to just observe the beauty he was keen for tricks so I handed the leads over so he could play around.

As we headed toward the landing area I could see my friends with their craned necks looking awards.  We landed swiftly and gently. It took me a second or two to recollect as I unattached myself and walked across the dune to my friends a tad pale but completely blown away!


  1. Sounds like an awesome experience, something I've always wanted to try.

  2. I have always been to scared to skydive!