Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diverse Design at Decorex

I assisted at the 2011 Onsite Gallery exhibit at the CTICC. A selection of the gallery’s prime pieces were on show, to give a taster to what this architectural antique gallery is all about.  The exhibit was situated at the start of the exhibition which was ideal because the attendee’s senses were not yet dulled by over exposure to the fantastic, design displays and were keen to engage.
What I enjoyed the most about working at Decorex was the mix of people that it attracted, making it a great people watching venue and provided for some interesting conversations.  A Zulu princess, a top South African designer and military expert are just a few of the interesting people that I got to meet and chat to.
I suppose that the only reason a show like Decorex can exist is because of the diversity in tastes within South Africa and the different exhibits cater for the varying tastes.

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