Friday, May 27, 2011

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses - my most silly, embarrassing experience to date.

You know those ice breaker games where you have to tell you most embarrassing moment, this car story tends to be my default.

I had been shopping with my sister and mom and we were walking back to the car in the underground parking. As we walked towards our car I saw that we were parked next to my favourite car, an Audi TT. My mom and sister hopped into our car as I admired the TT. It’s important to check the interior of a cool car like the Audi TT, I pressed my face against the tinted, driver window and as my eyes got adjusted to the light I realised that someone was looking straight back at me through the window. I jumped back with such fright and embarrassment and I quickly got into my mom’s car. My mom and sister had seen this all unfold and had even seen that there was someone sitting in the car but supposedly as soon as they’d noticed I already had my face glued to the window. They were having hysterics in the car while I was wanted to die of embarrassment.

Lesson learnt: check before you peer through dark glass.

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  1. Ha ha! That's hilarious! Bet you're not so quick to check car interiors now huh?