Saturday, June 18, 2011

Write a list: the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online.

1.    Finding out people are engaged or pregnant before their family do.
2.  Chatting to a long lost friend you never expected to be on Facebook chat, the same time  as you were.
3.   Believing Dr. Google more than your family doctor.
4.   Realising you aren’t as alone as you feel, people’s blog posts mimic your experience.
5.   Learning paint techniques via UTube.
6.   Knowing people through Twitter before you’ve met them in person.
7.  Being able to super-multi-task and communicate with a multitude of people at the same time via Twitter,  Facebook , Gmail email , Gmail chat and Blackberry messenger.
8.  Finding the right hair colour for you using the Sunsilk Hair Make Over tool.
9. The fact that you instantly feel edgy without internet access.
10That when you search Sarah Bell online you find graves stones as well as people’s faces.

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