Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not so everyday adventures in Buenos Aires

I am in Buenos Aires firstly because my father does business here and he needs my assistance (so he says) and because how could I ever turn down an aeroplane ticket to this fascinating country. My father is in the antique/architectural selvage business and often I feel like we are treasure hunters, going to the back-est of back streets into dingy old shops, huge tin warehouses and larny and not so larny auction houses. We are in search of 'wow' factor pieces which speak out to you from the rubble tumble mass of 'things'. Just yesterday we visited the Salvation Army shop located quite far out of the city of Buenos Aires amongst other things we left with a collection of 20 leather bound books, a Virgin Mary statue and exquisite French linen pillowcases. It's exciting to start the day never knowing where you'll be going and what gems you'll find. 

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