Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beefcakes baby!

Beefcakes was the chosen lunch spot today with two of my girlfriends. Perfect fun place to discuss our Thailand trip!

This joint is perfectly described as,' I felt like I’d chanced upon Barbie’s hidden lair – a pink fantasy of feather boa’s, fairy lights and Florida flamingo’s arranged in compromising positions. I couldn’t help but check out the muscle bound waiters in tight T-shirts. They can’t have got that buff by eating the burgers, so I figured they were probably lifting them. '

Beefcakes is a 50’s American diner, complete with super burgers, fabulous entertainment , gorgeous waiters and downstairs bar, Studio 54 (for men only).

The only challenge of our Beefcake experience, other than trying to not stare at the barmen, was wondering how to pick the generous burgers up. After overcoming that little challenge we cleaned our plates. The burgers were indeed legendary due to size and taste with a hugely generous side salad!

Great food, decent prices, fun venue and warm, speedy service -a big tick from me!!

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