Saturday, August 27, 2011

Conventional is a good fallback position isn't it

It's quite funny that this is the blog topic of this week because the book I was reading last night was talking close to this topic, 'there are two basic ways people try to find happiness and fulfillment: the way of moral conformity and the way of self-discovery. Each acts as a lens colouring how you see all of life, or as a paradigm shaping your understanding of everything. Each is a way of finding personal significance and worth, of addressing the ills of the world, and of determining right from wrong. '  - The Prodigal God, Tim Keller.

This book discusses the simple biblical story of the Prodigal son but what is very different is that it looks at the older brother who was just as lost as his wild brother who went on a journey of self discovery. The older brother was the one who conformed but to a point where he lost himself and touch with what was important.

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